• Fast, Clean and Modern

    I approach every project as new and unique, with an arsenal of techniques and expertise that I know work. So, by combining experience with fresh ideas I deliver great results, on time and to budget.

  • User Friendly

    I promote an open door policy that grants clients direct contact with the designer. This allows efficient project management and the best possible outcome.

  • Building Strong Brands

    I carefully sculpt logos to inspire vision and innovation. My finall product is perfectly crafted,
    unique and memorable.

  • Prepare To Be Amazed!

    Ludibes has a super-sonic drive to communicate promotional messaging in ways that just might shatter the core of the Earth because of how amazing they are..

Recent Work

Have a peek at what I was doing lately, browse my recent projects or explore my full portfolio.

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Denis Budak
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Latest Posts

On my blog I am eager to collect and share the best design work, resources and tutorials I came across. The aim of Ludibes is to inspire, inform and stimulate debate among my readers in graphic design, illustration, photography and all other fields of visual communication worldwide.

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Logo tutorial: 3D arrows

Simple tutorial that covers basics of 3D logo design in Adobe Illustrator

LOGORAMA - Inspirative Logo Series_01

Welcome to first inspirational post on this blog! Feel free to be amazed by

Free Font Series_01

Now you can convey your message in a more elegant way. This can be achieved by